What could be better than a 7710-winch tensioner device conceived and designed by Maurice TREVE, founder of the company, to highlight the service offered by the GALLAND company?


Indeed, this device is still manufactured and assembled in our workshops in La-Lande-de-Fronsac… 70 years later, just as it was at the beginning.

French Railways installed it to regulate the 1.5KV contact wires already in 1947. Now the electrified French network operators still use this robust system and adapt it to their new systems and for maintenance.

250 devices were delivered by us in 2021 to the SNCF infrastructure store in Saint Didier.

The durability of this 7710-winch tensioner device, for a company where scheduled obsolescence is the subject of debate, is proof that the GALLAND company is perfectly adapted to the conception of sustainable material.

The various parts supplied by us that will make its implementation possible will also be a part of a network of French partners.

This monument embodies the “French tech” of the 1950s …