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In 2019, the urban community “Caen la Mer” is launching its new tramway.

The tramway on tires will stop operating to be replaced by its “iron rail brother”, which is more reliable, efficient and comfortable. Two extensions will be created: the first one, in the south, will link “Grâce de Dieu” to the CEMT (Center of Operation and Maintenance of the Tramway), and the second one will be directed towards Caen Presqu’île.

The companies in charge of the infrastructure works have once again chosen Galland’s equipment for its quality and lifespan proven over past 26 years on all the French tramways.

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GALLAND and INEO SCLE FERROVIAIRE (ENGIE Group) and have pooled their skills together to develop the first French high-speed rigid rail system: RIGIDS 250 (Patent pending). Approved by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano this new design allows to achieve speeds up to 250 km/h.

This innovative and powerful solution places our expertise at our customer’s service. Our recognized expertise includes:

  • Studies
  • Installation
  • Material supply

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After 18 years of operation, the company in charge of infrastructure maintenance, KEOLIS, has completed the rehabilitation of the catenary suspension elements : anchoring slings, cantilever stays, delta suspensions were replaced. A stainless steel solution developed by Galland was preferred to the earlier model made of synthetic rope.

Already installed on many tramway lines in France and abroad, this solution includes stainless steel wire with rod insulator and crimped clevis ends; these components provide better resistance to UV and avoid the problem of elongation of synthetic cables due either to temperature variations or their elasticity.

All suspension elements are made to length according to the installation drawings and are pre-assembled at the factory, providing an obvious advantage in time savings during the on-site installation.


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Algiers-Tizi-Ouzou via Boumerdès in one hour, this is the travel time achieved after the opening of the new electrified railway line. On April 15, 2017, the Algerian Minister of Transport inaugurated the new line connecting wilayah of Tizi-Ouzou to wilayah of Algiers.

The speed of the train is growing from 120 km / h at the opening of the commercial service up to 160 km / h after the removal of the level crossings.

The Portuguese company SOMAFEL, in charge of the infrastructure works, opted for innovation by choosing modular aluminum cantilevers developed by Galland. This new solution, using end fittings crimped at the factory and standard extruded aluminum fasteners, greatly simplified the installation work on site.

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Sea Line

3800 pieces : this is the total number of tensioning devices supplied by Galland for the new “South Europe Atlantic” high-speed line in France.

Approved by SNCF, this version of tensioning devices is optimally suitable for the railway lines with mechanical tension of 26 kN.

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The Chinese authorities in charge of the development of trams in China have visited multiple European tramway networks to choose the design that will become a standard in China. The design of the tramway in Bordeaux was preferred to others thanks to its new technology including crimped anchoring and suspension elements and stainless-steel wire.

Galland has been a pioneer in the implementation of this stainless-steel solution, so the choice of Galland to tailor the Chinese tramway standard and to supply the material was obvious and indisputable. The construction of the first tramway line began in Suzhou in 2013.

This line was successfully put into service on October 26, 2014. Since then, two extension started operating: Suzhou 2 and 3. In the coming years the Suzhou tramway network will cover about 60 km.