The news of the Galland group

11 October 2021

The swiveling head steady arm… is being transformed

For reasons of electrical standards our material has to respect geometrical constraints in order to guarantee the safety regulations that must be observed. Our tramway network clients informed us and wanted to add the possibility of a multi-action adjustment tool. A requirement of the client that Galland has taken into account and is changing and transforming their swiveling head steady arm!


The OMEGA assembly : clamp and support….easy to regulate, easy to adapt !

Suspending a ROC -rigid overhead catenary (PAC – Profilé aérien de contact) is easy ! Part of the know-how of GALLAND is minimizing  its bulk


Next Level Commercial : Galland’s presence in Bulgaria

The « Next Level Commercial Ltd » company in Sofia has distributed products by Galland since 2014. For this well-respected supplier, the Galland know-how, in particular in the manufacture of the AERO tensioning device, has given a new impetus to the rail electrification in Bulgaria !  Interview with Svetoslav Atanasov, the managing director of Next Level Commercial.


7 July 2021

FIF and Ferrocampus Partnerships

FIF and Ferrocampus Partnerships : Galland expands its ecosystem. Galland is formalizing an alliance with the Federation of Railroad Industries (the FIF) and is participating in the regional project “Ferrocampus”. Focus on these 2 win-win partnerships. Read on:


A video of the « Aéro »

What could be better than an animated video to present the 10 years of an innovative product? You can see the Galland AERO in a 3D video in which the key elements of the oil-pneumatic tensioning device are detailed in a fluid and dynamic animation. Read on:


Galland’s quality control system shown to be impeccable.

Client satisfaction, which is written into our DNA, has always been a source of inspiration and a driving force at Galland. And we can certify it. Find out how:


1 May 2021

A year overshadowed by the pandemic: how has Galland fared?

#ADAPTATION #RESILIENCE #CHANGE #2021 #COVID In spite of the health crisis and the economic crisis which the pandemic has provoked across the whole world, Galland has stayed on course. In this difficult context, the company has adapted itself and reacted with agility. Interview with Dominique Bec, head of Strategy and Development.


30 April 2021

25kV Section Insulator JG3612: China’s high speed deserves French technology

#Pollution #China #Voltage #Safety #Humidity #High Speed Galland has developed the JG3612 section insulator at the request of the Chinese Railways. This insulator, designed for high speed, has a breaking load of 9450 daN and a creepage distance of 1600 mm. The JG3612 asset: air gap has been increased to 300mm to optimize its insulating capabilities and maintain its performance, even under severe environmental conditions. Compact, light and easy to install, like all the products resulting from Galland know-how.


29 April 2021

#Portrait #Christophe Khouya – General Manager

« I like to see things differently » Before taking up the position of Managing Director at Galland, Christophe Khouya led several missions abroad. He intends putting his operational experience at the service of Galland in order to make the company an international leader.


17 January 2021

#PORTRAIT #Dominique Bec, Strategy & Development Director

«It’s important to protect our image as a world leader»   At the age of 57, Dominique Bec knows the GALLAND company like the back of his hand. An active player in the successful relocation at La-Lande-de-Fronsac, in the organization of the sales department and then Production Director, he has been the Strategy and Development Director since November 2020. Galland can count on this enthusiastic ambassador to promote its image in France and abroad!


16 January 2021


Installed on tramway lines, the spring tensioning device evolves. A new version is now available under part number JG1447/104. Developed to meet the needs of a 150mm² contact wire, it ensures a mechanical tension between 1250 daN and 1750 daN for a temperature range from -20° to +50° and for a maximum canton of 120 m. Equipped with an optional graduated ruler, the X dimension can be read easily from the ground. This rule is adaptable to all GALLAND spring tensioning device, even those already installed. Its all stainless steel design, identical to the previous versions, will allow its use in high pollution environments. Installed on French networks for 30 years, our spring tensioning devices have proved their efficiency and longevity without any particular maintenance.

15 September 2020


The anchoring insulators JG3757 and JG3754 : two are better than one ! GALLAND has just developed a new range of strain insulators in two versions : simple insulation (JG3757) and double insulation (JG3754). Why two? Simply because some installations require different degrees of insulation. For example in the case of tram networks. Moreover our two insulators make it possible to substitute the existing insulating installations (for example isolating loops…).   Another specific “GALLAND” feature : we adapt the dimensions of these insulators on demand. Already installed on the French networks of Orleans and Nantes, these insulators, made in stainless steel and composite with silicone casing, tolerate all environments, even the most hostile.

12 September 2020


CIRC 2020 in Shanghai : 1st Chinese trade fair for GALLAND Postponed because of the COVID pandemic, the “China International Railway Conference for Urban & Intercity Transit” (CIRC) and the “Rail+Metro China Show” took place on 2 and 3 September in Shanghai. GALLAND Asia’s team took advantage of their first trade fair in China to bring the company and its know-how to the public’s attention and to establish as many contacts as possible.


10 September 2020

#GALLAND: writing a new chapter…

74 years ago, it was a daring decision.  But we did it. Employing 45 people and reaching a turnover of 10 million euros (70% generated from export), GALLAND is recognized for its expertise in providing solutions for the overhead lines on the railway market. This success is the result of long hours of research activity carried out by GALLAND in cooperation with its clients. I am proud to be part of this incredible 32-years journey as General Manager. Nevertheless, nothing predestined me to a career in the railway sector…


1 March 2020


Anchoring sleeve JG3479: the extra rotation! Located at the ends of the conductors, the sleeve is used to anchor contact wires and messenger wires. Galland has developed the JG3479: the only rotating sleeve on the market. Made of 316 stainless steel for its good corrosion resistance, its rotating sleeve absorbs the effects of cable twisting during installation. This new sleeve, available for French cables (BC107, BC150, Bz65 mm² and Bz116 mm²), can be available for any other type of cable.

15 January 2020


Galland has been present on the Chinese railway market for almost 30 years. In 2016, we made official the opening of a commercial structure in Suzhou, a city of 4 million inhabitants in the east of the country. Our team, which until now consisted of two people – Rémy Bouix and Jacky Bin Zhong – is being grown with the arrival of Liya Huang.   Interview with Rémi Bouix, sales manager for Asia: