If he had been told one day that he would join GALLAND and stay, taking on more and more responsibilities to the point of becoming deputy head of the research unit, Benoit Aymard wouldn’t have believed it. He’s not the type of person to make wildly ambitious plans. Even if a career with a major player in the manufacture of catenaries makes sense for this grandson of a train driver.


However, Benoit Aymard, 35, already has a career of 15 years with GALLAND behind him. “I started in a modest capacity when I was doing a training course within the framework of my Materials Science and Engineering degree. I am a pure GALLAND product and I’m proud of it : my grandfather was a train driver and my father had a succession of small jobs with the SNCF when he was young. Monsieur d’Huy brought me into the company and guided me in the profession. GALLAND is a bit like a family. In any case, it’s self-evident.”


A key part of the machine


Originally from Bordeaux, now deputy head of the research unit, he has seen the company structure itself over the years. “When I arrived there were two of us in this department and now there are five of us. And that isn’t too many to complete all our missions.” Indeed, the research unit is a central part of the GALLAND machine : it produces the industrial designs of the products, the plans , keeps up to date the ERP (the software program that deals with stock, the common thread between the clients, the suppliers and the workshop). His R&D unit creates new products for clients and fills out the GALLAND catalog. Providing technical support for the sales team, he guides them in the choice of material that should be proposed to the client.


“The AERO is my baby”


This is precisely what Benoit Aymard prefers, investing himself in the follow-up of business and the relationship with the sales team on projects under way. “I have specialized in the AERO, the oleopneumatic tensioning device. It’s my baby in a way. I participated in several installations of this product in Poland, Portugal and Bulgaria…and these trips taught me a lot. Now I want to get closer to the field, in particular in order to impose the monitoring we have developed on the AERO : a device equipped with sensors that make it possible to obtain information on the tension, the effort, the pressure…We have just developed the 2nd version : it’s an asset for developing the product and for reaching a new level of satisfaction on the part of clients”.


His hobbies

“I’ve been playing table tennis for 25 years. I am a trainer for the federation. Recently I started running. I’ve just done the 100 km Basque Country race ! “


His mantra

“Never say never !”


His secret pleasure

“The convivial moments with colleagues and friends after work. That’s also part of the spirit of GALLAND”