Last May Galland participated in the Carbon Fighter forum organized by Colas Rail. The Carbon forum Awareness of the issue has the aim of accompanying clients in their actions for the environment.


This forum was an opportunity to take stock of leverage that can be mobilized by SMEs in order to accompany them in their decarbonization strategy. The pooling of support by consulting services, the sharing of good practice,  communication about available  state funding and the participation  of the originators of funding orders for innovative projects are given priority in the current economic context.

Galland continues to mobilize its teams in the implementation of the decarbonization strategy by increasing awareness of its collaborators and communication  with providers who are the first step of the process. The reduction of the carbon footprint will involve  change in the governance model and the conception of the product.



French companies with more than 500 employees have since 2016 the legal obligation to carry out  an assessment of greenhouse gases. They measure and publish the emissions of greenhouse gases linked to their activity. Several calculation perimeters (“scopes”) are determined (direct emissions, indirect emissions and the emission of purchased products).  Scope 3 has an extended perimeter, from products bought by the company to their use by the end client, and includes transport and the management of waste. In view of the very significant part played by indirect emissions, the regulations are in the process of changing and from now on they stipulate the calculation of “significant emission items”, whether they be direct or indirect.