On 5 October 2023 the Galland company participated in the Forum of decarbonization of the railway sector together with Mr. Nègre of the FIF (“Fédération des industries ferroviaires”) and Mr. Farandou representing French Railways (SNCF). This forum’s objective is to present the official report of the Railway sector and to demonstrate a structuring of the sector based on objectives of decarbonization.

The Galland company participated in the round-table discussion on the subject How can railway infrastructure minimize its impact? Following this discussion, a booth dedicated to the problems the Analysis of the Life Cycle was hosted by our contributors Monica Lemaire and Ekaterina Vostretsova.

The forum was an opportunity to highlight the steps taken for the environment and committed to by Galland :

  • A collective dynamic in order that the railway sector be heard on the subject of decarbonization
  • A pioneering role in steps taken for the environment concerning manufacturers, operators and other stakeholders in the railway industry
  • A short and long-term strategy rolled out by the Galland company in order to limit its environmental imprint

We are proud to play a key role within the railway sector. Trains in particular are a driving force towards a cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable future.