FIF and Ferrocampus Partnerships : Galland expands its ecosystem.

Galland is formalizing an alliance with the Federation of Railroad Industries (the FIF) and is participating in the regional project “Ferrocampus”. Focus on these 2 win-win partnerships. Read on:


For more than a century the FIF has been defending the common interests of the industrialists of the railroad sector. Galland is now a member of this federation (since April 2021) and in this way has joined the specialists of infrastructures, rolling stock, signalization and parts manufacturers of a sector in the middle of transformation. An ideal joining of forces in order to anticipate the upcoming trends, together to make the railroad industry progress and to guide Galland’s strategy !



The Nouvelle Aquitaine region has decided to open a “Ferrocampus” in Saintes, an institute for training and innovation, dedicated to the railroad trades and technologies. Located on the site of the French Railways maintenance center, this concept is unique in Europe. Galland joined this association in May 2021 in order to contribute its experience, its know-how and its assistance as a designer and manufacturer of catenary material. Providing elements that students and professional trainees will use to learn their craft is an integral part of the partnership. In exchange we benefit from the skills and know-how of specialist enterprises in their domain. Inspiring !