THE SI GALLAND 211625 : THE reference, THE flagship product.

This year our company is celebrating the 40 years of the section isolator 211625, the first section isolator used on the French high speed railway network !


The SI 211625 (GALLAND reference JG1352) was patented and registered with the Institut national de la propriété industrielle on 27 April 1981. In order to test it before approval, the SNCF used it for a year in all possible weather conditions and had trains going through at 270 km/h, at that time, a first ! Reliable, tough and above all light, this section isolator is still the one found on most of the important lines of the French high speed network. 2300 devices were installed on the French network between 1985 and 1993 following this approval by the SNCF, and many more since then. It was adopted by Luxemburg, Portugal and is also the device used for the tunnel under the English Channel.

This year, GALLAND is continuing to develop this symbol of the French railway network and it will be possible to see it at the Innotrans trade fair in Berlin in September 2022.