Thanks to their experience in the crimping of insulators, the GALLAND company has added three new insulators to its range. These new insulators make it possible to adapt to and be installed easily on existing and new tramway networks. These composite insulators, with stainless steel fastenings, meet the requirements of the NF EN 50119-2020-04 standards.


The double isolated insulator (JG3754) and the simple isolated insulator (JG3757) were developed to allow adaptability / interchangeability on site with the existing installation (distance between and the diameters of various drilling points) without having to go back over length; in this way facilitating the installation in a short time.


On the other hand, the simple isolated insulator (JG3859) has been developed with minimum distancing, 140 mm, thus allowing the interchangeability of specific material already in place (example: loop insulator).