Nitin Jain manages the Indian companies M/s Atlantic Tradelinks Pvt. Ltd. And M/s Atlantic Trade engineers LLP. This professional and his team are specialized in the manufacture of items designed for the electrification of Indian networks. In close collaboration with Galland, they are introducing our products on their market. For Nitin, distance is not an obstacle to proximity.


What is your position in these companies?

I have been the manager of Atlantic Tradelinks Pvt Ltd since 2016 ; I lead a team of 11 people composed of 2 people in charge of commercial development, 3 technical supervisors and 6 on site engineers.

Also since 2011, in our company, I manage the Concord Control Systems Limited branch : a manufacturing unit based in Lucknow that produces high quality electric, electronic and electro-mechanical items for the Indian railways. We also develop items for the electrification of railway networks, subways and coach production lines .

What are your operational projects with Galland?

We have been working in close collaboration with Galland’s Commercial and R&D departments for more than 6 years. Our main mission : facilitate the introduction of their products on the Indian market and the main railway electrification Engineering Procurement and Construction contractors. For example we have contributed to making neutral system assemblies and section insulators popular on our railway network. I am also thinking of the modular aluminum assembly system that we have successfully developed in India.

In order that these products be really successful in our country, I am personally involved on several levels :  the commercialization, the development, the documentation….    I particularly appreciate the competence of Galland’s R&D department and the agility of this company in adapting to our clients’ requirements.

How would you describe your relationship with the Galland teams?

Geographical distance is not an obstacle to proximity : my relationship with the Galland team has got stronger over the years and I feel just as close to Galland in France as to our other units in India. I have seen the company grow, become more structured…and I must say that the motivation of the new management is a driving force for us all !


In order to know him better :

Your hobbies?

Music and sport

Your family

I have been married since 2014 and I am fortunate to have 2 children…a girl and a boy

Lucknow in a few words?

Lucknow is a big multicultural city in the north of India, the capital of the State of Uttar Pradesh, the biggest state in the country. My city is India’s main cultural and artistic hub. It was the seat of power of the Nawabs in the 18th and 19th centuries (Indian monarchs) and is still today an important political and administrative center.

Your mantra?

“Passion and intention are the keys to a fulfilled professional and personal life”