«It’s important to protect our image as a world leader»


At the age of 57, Dominique Bec knows the GALLAND company like the back of his hand. An active player in the successful relocation at La-Lande-de-Fronsac, in the organization of the sales department and then Production Director, he has been the Strategy and Development Director since November 2020. Galland can count on this enthusiastic ambassador to promote its image in France and abroad!

“I wanted to be operational immediately”, says this former mechanics student who joined the GALLAND factory, at that time located in Choisy-le-Roi, in 1994. “In this family-owned company I found an approach that was in line with my attachment to the land and the need to feel an active player in the company. And when you had a problem, the manager’s office was always open.”


A successful duo

Dominique Bec and Philippe d’Huy (General Manager) quickly formed a solid two-person team. In 2003 they began the relocation of the company to La-Lande-de-Fronsac. Dominique Bec had several responsibilities at the new enormous site: “business relationships, assisting our foreign customers with installation of material…you needed to know how to do everything. I was lucky enough to discover China in 1996.  A huge country that was developing rapidly at the time”. Then Philippe Galland (Chairman) gave him the job of Production Director: “In the space of 13 years we went from being a workshop of about ten people to a staff of 30 employees”.


Towards more serenity

It was this intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the company that caught the attention of Board Management when offering him the position of Strategy and Development Director in November 2020. “My mission is both general and specific: to increase turnover. My ambition is to exceed a target of 12 million euros. This stability will provide more serenity and more long-lasting employment.” A new adventure for Galland and a new challenge for Dominique Bec!


Distinguishing feature: “I love country life and I’m the Mayor of the commune of Vérac (33240).

His sport: “Cycling then rugby when I was young, now marathon running”

His mantra: “Never forget your roots”