As a key component of the Galland’s expertise, numerous hours of R&D have been dedicated to the section insulator. We have extended our range and brought evolution to our products by working with major Railway stakeholders in France and overseas. Our aim is to meet our customers’ requirements through efficient, durable and easy to install devices.


As an essential part of an overhead catenary system, Galland’s tensioning devices have been developed since our early years of activity. After being approved as supplier of the SNCF, we have continuously worked on developing and extending our product range. Currently, we propose tensioning devices using two technologies :

We offer options such as anti-fall systems and measuring rulers.


Choosing the right cantilever is critical for the infrastructure life cycle under outdoor conditions (humidity, pollution…).

It is important that the parts keep the same mechanical properties. To comply with varying environmental conditions, Galland has designed several cantilever types.

We offer several construction materials to meet all conditions: galvanized steel, aluminium or composite material.


The steady arm sets the stagger. It has to be light and vibration-resistant.

Our know-how in manufacturing steady arms is reflected in the choice of the materials employed, and the control of bending and crimping operations.


These elements guarantee the link between catenary’s main components.

Our aim is to support our customers up to the end of their installations building.

Hence we are able to supply the fastenings needed for a complete system.


INEO SCLE FERROVIAIRE and GALLAND SAS have pooled their skills together to develop the first French high-speed rigid rail system: RIGIDS 250 (Patent pending).

Approved by Politecnico Di Milano this new design allows to reach speeds of up to 250 km/h.

This innovative and powerful solution allows us to implement our expertise.

We rely on recognized expertise including studies, installation, and supply of material.