Following a request by the Indian Railways, Galland  devised a modular cantilever system in aluminum with an innovative design. Presented at the Berlin Innotrans trade fair, this system proved a great success. It is currently being marketed.


The MCS or Modular Cantilever System  is situated between the pole and the conductors. In the form of a bracket, it makes it possible to maintain the catenary in its position. When Dehli Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) of New Delhi asked Galland for a MCS design, the technical specifications were clear : imposed dimensions of aluminum tubes (diameters of 70mm and 55 mm) and the possibility of manufacturing the system locally, in India at a competitive price. Our design department rose to the challenge !


2 simple extruded parts


To keep the weight of the parts to a minimum, to simplify maintenance and to reduce the cost of production, we managed to devise a MCS in aluminum with only two fastenings.

These extruded parts, interlock into each other and adapt themselves to 70mm and 55mm tubes. The plans of the MCS were then handed over to Atlantic, based in India, who have worked closely with Galland’s Marketing and R&D departments for more than 6 years.

Having registered the patent, Galland presented the MCS at the Berlin Innotrans trade fair in September 22. This system has had excellent feedback and the first orders are in the process of being dealt with. Variations for the Swiss and Moroccan markets are already being devised.