Galland’s participation in the epic construction of the tunnel under the English Channel was the beginning of its opening up to the international market but it was during the 2000s that the company reinforced its presence throughout the world.  What was the origin of this expansion? Moving its premises in the French countryside…


2003 : the new La-Lande-de-Fronsac site

The Choisy-me-Roi factory had become a hindrance to the company’s development. Galland moved to La-Lande-de-Fronsac in the Gironde region. Easier access, easier delivery, easier traceability, and a more coherent manufacturing process : the huge site made an internal reorganization possible and an optimization of the production process.


2008 : Galland obtains the label ISO 9001


2006-2022 : Galland in the world

Galland’s expertise and products are exported to many countries : China, Korea, but also India, Spain, Germany, the north African countries, Bulgaria, Northern Europe, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

In Belgium, closer to France, Galland designed and created the catenary in aluminum rather than in galvanized steel which is what is normally used in France. In fact nowadays it’s aluminum that is used on most of foreign railway networks. An innovation that the big installation companies have bought from us to equip the networks they are constructing in Egypt, Turkey and elsewhere…


2007: faster and faster !

 On 3 April 2007, the French TGV high speed train reached 574.8 km/hour on the East European LGV line. A new accredited world record on lighter and stronger catenary material signed by Galland. On that day, there was twice the tension then normally in order to take the traction of the pantograph.


2022…and beyond

Galland is already present in Canada but is presently looking at the East Coast of the United States and South America where the company is responding to new calls for tenders. You can’t stop a locomotive that is going full speed ahead, even less when it has had a 75 year trajectory at full capacity !