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Galland has developed the JG3612 section insulator at the request of the Chinese Railways. This insulator, designed for high speed, has a breaking load of 9450 daN and a creepage distance of 1600 mm.

The JG3612 asset: air gap has been increased to 300mm to optimize its insulating capabilities and maintain its performance, even under severe environmental conditions. Compact, light and easy to install, like all the products resulting from Galland know-how.

This section insulator will be produced by our Chinese partner for its market and in La Lande de Fronsac for the others. This technology transfer will notably reduce costs, transport and limit the environmental impact of production. Currently in the approval phase, the JG3612 should enter service at the end of 2021-early 2022.

On the European high-speed network (25 kV):

> The breaking load is 8000 daN.

> The normal creepage distance is 1200 mm.

> The air gap is 160 mm minimum.