True to the image of the famous Comic book heroes Astérix and Obélix, and to respect the tradition, a banquet was prepared and served by the caterers DELICATESSEN  to mark the end of the period before the summer break.

This event took place on 21 July under the roof of our production workshops announcing the holidays that were  eagerly anticipated and well deserved.

A special moment shared by all the employees of the company in the presence of our President Philippe Galland accompanied by his wife.

It was the occasion to exchange news about the company and also the private lives of the employees.

The participants were all Galland employees, but not only…indeed, our close partners ETHIQUAL, KA2 and TELELEC were also invited to the banquet to thank them for their involvement in the life of our company.

A very convivial event and these photos show the happy atmosphere shared by all, as can be seen from the big smiles.

The basis of these convivial moments lies in the idea of better understanding oneself in order to better understand the company where we work….in any case, a success.