Bordeaux Métropole has informed us of their decision to equip the line that will serve the Bordeaux Mérignac airport with our oleopneumatic tensioning device: AERO


At the SIFER trade fair in October 2021 where it was presented, the management of equipment and transport assets of Bordeaux was convinced by the AERO as a solution. This became reality with the installation of the 2 first AERO on the night of 6 October, with the support of ETF, the installer in charge of the work.

15 AERO will be installed on this section of the line. And this is not the end of the collaboration with Bordeaux Métropole. In fact, following the discussions integrating the operator Kéolis, it was decided to install the latest version of the AERO monitoring system, presented a few weeks previously at Innotrans 2022. This will make it possible to keep the LAC under close surveillance, in the case of abnormal behavior, and to generate alerts.

Thus the city of Bordeaux joins the ever-growing circle of AERO users in France.

At the present time no less than 11 French cities have chosen to equip themselves with this innovative and monitored tensioning device.