On 1st February, on the invitation of our client Ferroway (formerly ETF), Galland’s workshop team benefited from a guided visit of the site of the extension of the tramway’s Line A, in Mérignac. An emblematic construction site of the Bordeaux metropolitan area and a beneficial feedback of experience, our operators were able to discuss the installation of our AEROs and our section insulators with the catenary installers.


(Comments by Ekatérina Vostretsova, Purchasing and Supply Chain manager)


What was the context of your visit to this site?


Galland enhances the skills of our collaborators by training them in order that they have a better knowledge of the products. It’s important that our operators know exactly in what conditions and with what restrictions the elements that are manufactured in our workshops are installed. The visit to the building site of the Line A extension of the tramway to the airport met this training requirement and corresponded to a spirit of open-mindedness..


Which parts of the site did you visit?


First of all, we visited the life base where the components are stockpiled before being distributed to the construction site. Then we went to the “Carrefour des 4 Chemins”, a strategic point characterized by the presence of numerous anchorings. The works manager explained to us how the material is chosen according to the staking plan. We were able to observe the way our AEROs and section insulators had been installed. Finally, we were able to go to the tram terminus at the airport in order to study the anchoring point of the contact wire at the end of the line


What was the feedback from the Galland operators?


This visit allowed a fruitful exchange between our operators and the Ferroway installer for more than an hour. The installer gave a detailed report of the type of products installed – the section insulators, the AEROs, some of which with monitoring systems – but also the difficulties that were encountered. This visit was the first for some of our older employees. Everyone learnt a great deal about the assembly of the components and spoke of their pride at finding Galland material on the lines. Now we would like to go further and organize visits to train lines, at the Bordeaux railway station for example, in order to observe how the catenary experts install our products, by day and by night.