The « Next Level Commercial Ltd » company in Sofia has distributed products by Galland since 2014. For this well-respected supplier, the Galland know-how, in particular in the manufacture of the AERO tensioning device, has given a new impetus to the rail electrification in Bulgaria !  Interview with Svetoslav Atanasov, the managing director of Next Level Commercial.

What sector does your company work in?

Our company of 6 employees has specialized in the sale of material and products for the construction of railways lines and the electricity transport networks since 2013. We supply a complete range of catenary products, both for the railways network and the network of urban transport. We are the official agents for Bulgaria of specialized manufacturers such as LAFARGA (Spain), RAUSCHER & STOECKLIN (Switzerland) and of course GALLAND.

Perfectly well-known in the context of the Bulgarian market, NLC has supplied material for numerous projects financed both by European funds and local Bulgarian funds.

What is the present situation of the railway market in Sofia and in Bulgaria?

Our headquarters are located in Sofia, the capital and the biggest city in the country with a population of 1.3 million people.  It is also a major hub for international rail and transports in general. 3 of the 10 pan-European transport corridors pass through it !

What are the opportunities for development in the country ?

The total extent of railway lines in Bulgaria is 4,029 km, of which 2,871 km are electrified. At the present time, the railway construction market is growing exponentially, and a long-awaited modernization is underway. This high-speed development is even overtaking the construction of roads and other transport sectors.

How do Galland products contribute to this development?

Since 2020, we have begun supplying the oil-pneumatic AERO tensioning device, manufactured by Galland. This mechanism is unique of its kind because it provides constant tension to the catenary, automatically compensating changes in length due to variations in temperature.  And all of this without counterweight ! This innovative product has contributed to the new momentum of NLC and Balland clients in the construction of their networks. The AERO has been installed successfully as part of numerous railway projects in Bulgaria.

What do you share with Galland?

An excellent commercial relationship, but also common values. Like Galland, NLC has an essential resource at its base: the know-how and the experience of its employees.