Galland will soon celebrate its 75 years of existence. A family enterprise of 75 years of age that began in 1946 on a suburban property in Choisy-le-Roi (Val de Marne-France).

“My grandfather, a Master Mechanic in the Navy, was a feverish inventor. During the Great War he had the battleship on which he was an officer stopped in order to test a torpedo piloting device.

Returning to civil life he began working as a ceramicist and then became a designer of electric insulators, participating in the conception of the first catenary of the French railroad company (Chemin de Fer Français). As an officer  concerned about the men he sends into an open air environment, he designed the parts imagining the task of the workers perched on the top of poles : light, easy to assemble and indestructible “ as Philippe Galland, President of Galland SAS explains.

This simplicity in the conception and the assembling of catenary parts is an integral element in the DNA of the company. The ambition of international development is equally important for the company. “In 1964, my father, Jacques Galland, was already in India mandated by the SNCF (French railways) to open a first subsidiary “ adds Philippe Galland.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Denis Galland (Philippe’s brother) and Philippe D’huy, Galland has increased its presence on the international markets. 70% of its products are now exported abroad by the company: Northern Europe, the Maghreb, China, India…. the Galland adventure continues.

Throughout this anniversary year you can read about the high points and stories of our 75-year history on our web site!