During the first week in October, Axel Debias and Matthias Bec travelled to Indonesia. Their mission was to supervise the installation of a section insulator on the “Commuter Yogyarkarta Solo” network belonging to the national operator PT KERETA API INDONESIA. This long journey was of a particular nature as it was our first intervention in this dynamic market.


The High Speed line Jakarta-Bandung  is part of a policy of ambitious infrastructure undertaken by Indonesia within the context of several major projects. These initiatives aim to make up for a delay particularly concerning Jakarta, the fourth most populated city in the world with nearly 35 million inhabitants. Thanks to this policy three new urban networks in the capital have seen the light of day with already plans for extensions in the process of realization. Other regions are not neglected with major projects spread throughout this archipelago of 17,000 islands


Our destination  was one of these new networks, the “Commuter Yogyakarta Solo”, west of the island of Java. In the initial stages we trained the teams of the local installer, then in a second phase we supervised the installation of out section insulator reference JG2178. For the occasion, this had been the object of a co-development between the Indonesian Railways and our design unit in order to meet the demands of local standards.


The installation and the implementation were such a success that the users now plan to equip the whole of the Yogyakarta Solo network with our section insulators.


This is very good news and paves the way for a partnership between the Indonesian Railways and GALLAND.