Retrace history

11 October 2021

1960-1975 : at full speed !

During this post-war period France started moving again and orders came flooding in. With just twenty workers more or less, the Galland company was still quite small, but all the profits were reinvested in the growth of the company. Its development followed the electrification of the railways and the advent of high speed trains !

7 July 2021

1945-1960 : The « electrification » years

1945-1960 : The « electrification » years « When I was a child in the 1950s we still used to travel from Paris to Bordeaux in a train pulled by a steam locomotive » remembers Philippe Galland. Immediately after the Second World War, the French railroad network accelerated the electrification of its lines. Galland actively participated in this modernization. Read the saga:

29 April 2021

The Galland adventure began 75 years ago…

Galland will soon celebrate its 75 years of existence. A family enterprise of 75 years of age that began in 1946 on a suburban property in Choisy-le-Roi (Val de Marne-France). “My grandfather, a Master Mechanic in the Navy, was a feverish inventor. During the Great War he had the battleship on which he was an officer stopped in order to test a torpedo piloting device.