Galland-FerroCampus-Lycée Palissy : the future of the railways on track

As well as maintaining a partnership with the regional Cluster FerroCampus in Saintes, Galland has established a close contact with the Lycée Bernard Palissy in this same town. Objective : to accompany the pupils enrolled in the course subject option of training in the railway trades by in situ operations and the loan of Galland materials. An investment in the future ! 


Galland, 20 years at La-Lande-de-Fronsac !

Just like a train, the life of a company consists of periods of stability and phases of acceleration. The relocation of the historic workshops of Choisy-le-Roi to the present site in La-Lande-de-Fronsac in 2003 boosted production and was instrumental in the transformation of our company from a cottage industry to industrialization. This year Galland celebrates the twenty years of its installation in the Gironde region and continues to grow.


Christophe Drugmand of the Drugmand group : Galland’s representative in Belgium for the last 10 years !

At 54 Christophe Drugmand knows the trade by heart. He is the head of this family business founded in 1919 by a great grandfather and has been distributing Galland products from the “Rail Infrastructure” range of its catalogue for the last ten years. A close collaboration which allows our company to figure well on the Belgian market.  An interview in 5 questions. (more…)

Nitin Jain at M/s Atlantic our trustworthy partner on the Indian market

Nitin Jain manages the Indian companies M/s Atlantic Tradelinks Pvt. Ltd. And M/s Atlantic Trade engineers LLP. This professional and his team are specialized in the manufacture of items designed for the electrification of Indian networks. In close collaboration with Galland, they are introducing our products on their market. For Nitin, distance is not an obstacle to proximity. (more…)

AERO – Installation in Bordeaux

Bordeaux Métropole has informed us of their decision to equip the line that will serve the Bordeaux Mérignac airport with our oleopneumatic tensioning device: AERO (more…)


The InnoTrans 2022 trade fair was a particularly successful one.

When it is a question of exhibitions dedicated to rail transport, this event is simply THE world reference. (more…)

GALLAND was present at the first InnoTrans trade fair in 1996 and in its customary manner it will be an exhibitor at the international rail trade fair INNOTRANS 2022Hall 22 Stand 350.


A winning partnership between Galland and SYSTRA ACADAMIE

Our company has begun to work with the SYSTA ACADAMIE training center in Poitiers and has supplied it with educational material. Future on-site operators will leave this center having learnt their profession on GALLAND material !


GALLAND celebrates 40 years of the SI 211625

THE SI GALLAND 211625 : THE reference, THE flagship product.

This year our company is celebrating the 40 years of the section isolator 211625, the first section isolator used on the French high speed railway network !


Benoit Aymard : « Working for GALLAND is self-evident »

If he had been told one day that he would join GALLAND and stay, taking on more and more responsibilities to the point of becoming deputy head of the research unit, Benoit Aymard wouldn’t have believed it. He’s not the type of person to make wildly ambitious plans. Even if a career with a major player in the manufacture of catenaries makes sense for this grandson of a train driver.